Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today was wonderful. We always have Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed opening presents together. The kids were so patient waiting on Tommy to get back from checking on a job. After opening all the presents we enjoyed a yummy dinner as always from my parents. I even took a picture of my plate. It was so good. I love my family and so happy to have this time with them every year.

We also opened our gifts from one another. So much fun. My boys are so sweet. I love everything the boys and Tommy purchased for me. They are all three precious!

Tonight we made Jesus birthday cake for tomorrow, Santa's cookies and we spread reindeer food. It was fun night. Nanny Mary and Aunt Tracy are spending the night with us tonight and as always it is fun to have them all here with us. So for now. Enjoy the pics. I gotta get to bed so Santa will come (wink, wink).

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