Tuesday, December 7, 2010

shopping, yogurt mountain, and wonderful women

Today was a fun day.... I got to go on a short but sweet shopping trip with my sweet sister friend Candy! We had fun speed shopping. I actually knocked out Eli's birthday gifts and several Christmas presents.

This afternoon I spend some time with Eli. He went with me to show some of my jewelry to a few friends, a little shopping, and then we took a trip to Yogurt Mountain! It is amazing. If you haven't been yet it is beside Whole Foods on Woodruff and it it is to die for. I loved watching Eli's sweet face as he is not able to eat regular ice cream. You get to make your own yogurt mountain (I admit I had a germ issue) but once I started eating my yummy "mountain" I forgot all about germs. LOL! It is wonderful and I can't wait to go back with Tommy and Bleeze.

Once again tonight I was honored to meet with the wonderful ladies leadership team at Grace. We had a great meeting and I am very excited about all the upcoming things that God has for the ladies of Grace. I also loved my gift from Africa from sweet Joy! It is beautiful. It actually touched my heart more than you could know. It is a beautiful necklace made by a pastor's wife in africa who is providing for their family by selling jewelry...kinda hit home! Off to bed...hopefully to get some sleep!

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