Monday, February 16, 2009

How Sweet it is...

Oh, my, How sweet life is right now. God is truly awesome. He has really blessed us! We have been so busy. Valentines was the huge kick off for chic affair. We were swamped with orders. BIG THANKS to all those who made it so successful. God is up to big, I just sense it! Big things are on the way!

Let's see. I spent most of my week homeschooling, baking, decorating, and delivering sweet treats last week. I was awake for almost 48 hours straight. It was way worth it though.

The family is all good. The boys have been great! I hate to report that I don't have a lot to report other than homeschool, baking, decorating and delivering for last week. LOL! That was basically all we did. Saturday, on Valentines, we woke up and gave the boys there Valentine gifts. They loved their singing puppy puppets, chocolates and cards. Bleeze was precious. He loves to get cards (just like me) He sat there so proud. He looked at the front of the envelope. It just said "Bleeze" on the front. However, he pretended to read it and said, "From Allison and Tommy to Bleeze, Happy Valentines Day" SO SWEET!!! The boys gave us there Valentines. My sweet hubby, being the sweet hubby he is surprised me with the perfume I had wanted from Estee Lauder "Sensuous" smells so good. He gave me the sweetest card ever! I just love them three dudes! LOL!

Tommy and I did not get a date night for Valentines. UGGHHH! We did get a family date night on Friday night. That was fun. The boys were so funny eating our all time favorite Mexican food! They had us laughing the entire time. Saturday, Eli's team won their first soccer game of the season! Woohoo!

So today, I think I have us straightened out and on track to getting our schedule back on track. We have a lot of busy days ahead of us and I think it is only going to get more hectic as we go. But we can't complain. It is God's blessings.

So for now, that it is it. This week is packed full too. We have company coming tomorrow evening and Thursday. Soccer practices, cakes and cupcakes, a Golden Girl reunion, the movie Madea goes to Jail comes out (woo hoo), birthday parties and so much more! Hope everyone is well and has a great week!

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