Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy, Busy Beaver

Busy, Busy beaver is what you can now call me. I have been swamped the past few weeks. My blogging has lacked a great deal. SORRY! We worked on cakes for the past few weeks for Chic Affair. We were at the consignment sale Switcharoos as a trade vendor. We received many orders and we also were able to get our name out there. Big thanks to Mary, Tony & Tammy, and my parents for helping with the boys during Switcharoos. (Especially Mary, she managed to stay one night and let Tommy and I get a very short date night in) We went to dinner at Flat Rock and then saw the movie TAKEN (very good) in about 3 hours. It was nice. THANKS!

Let's see, for an update on everyone...
Tommy-he is busy. THANK GOD! His business had been somewhat slow but it as long as we can keep it steady I am grateful. Just believing God to continue to bless his business. He has never left or forsaken us as far as the business goes. He is still working out and I must say he is looking good.
Eli-homeschooling his days away, playing, he has been creating paper people for some reason. They are almost human size. They are really cute. He has hung them from his curtains in his room. 2 boys and 3 girls. He is more than thrilled that soccer season has started back. We have his first game this Saturday. YAY! GO VIPERS!!!!
Bleeze- He has been playing and just being Bleeze. He is so precious. He informed me tonight that I was the "prettiest mommy in the entire neighborhood and world" awww...
My mom- no more news. Still praying that they do not have to remove her eye. She goes back to the doctor on Friday. Continue to remember her in your prayers.

So, for now, I am off, just thought I would give a quick update. (let everyone know I am still alive) We have a ton of Valentine orders to complete. SO EXCITED! We are getting orders EVERYDAY! God is just pouring out his love and favor all over Chic Affair. THANKS GOD YOU ROCK! Also big thanks to Cindy for allowing us to convert her basement into our bakery! AMAZING!
I must get my beauty sleep. GOT hundreds of cupcakes to make tomorrow! Hope everyone is well. Catch you all later...Oh you can join chic afffair's blog at

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