Friday, February 6, 2009

I am alive

Just wanted to let everyone that I am alive. LOL! I have been extremely busy. We are doing the Switcharoo's sale here in Greenville. We are one of the locals. We have many cute cakes on display and we have done really great at setting appointments and getting orders. All I can say is that it is God's favor!
The boys are great and when I have a chance to breath Sunday evening or Monday morning I will try to post some about our crazy life right now and catch everyone up to speed. This weekend is going to be crazy but great and next week we will be busy filling Valentine orders. If you haven't ordered your sweetie something, you should check out or website or facebook group and order your sweetheart a sweet treat! Hope everyone is great!

I have so much to be grateful for today and I am pressed for time to make a list but most of all I am grateful tonight for God (his love and mercy that is new everyday), my sweet, sweet husband, my awesome amazing boys, Brandi and our "sweet" business..LOL, God's favor on Switcharoos, Tammy and Tony for keeping my boys today, and my parents tomorrow!

Also, please continue to pray for my mom. Today she was told that they are going to watch her eye a little longer in hopes that the entire eye will not have to be removed. They feel that it is "dead" and will begin to shrink. Please pray that this does not happen. My mom is believing God for her healing and I trust him to do just what he promises!

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