Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hump Day update...

Let me start by saying last night I had an awesome date night with Eli. He chose to eat at Fatz???? But okay. I like to eat there. He loves the dinner rolls there. He ate 6! LOL!! They are small but still. He was so sweet dipping them in the yummy honey butter and just chatting up a storm. We laughed the entire night. I felt like I used to when I hung out with my younger brother. We just acted silly. It was fun! Then we went to Dicks to get new goalie gloves. He is really taking this goalie position seriously. We ran by Kmart for me to get some finger nail polish remover and see if they have a black turtleneck for him to wear w/ his Halloween costume. We bought two hotwheels for the boys. Eli picked out a blue car for him and of course green for Bleeze (his favorite color) I haven't been to Kmart in ages. I just could not find a turtleneck for boys anywhere! They had them though. Kmart had such cute fall decorations. After our trip to Kmart we stopped by Sonic for him a Ocean Breeze slush and me a chocolate milkshake (that was not to yummy, I don't think they mixed it)
Today I spent most of the morning doing some reading and homeschooling. This afternoon while Bleeze was napping I went out with Eli and played soccer. We had a blast. ( I hate to say it but my right leg is killing me from kicking it so many times as if though I was kicking into the goal). We took the van to car wash and then went to S&S for dinner. It is so yummy! Good veggies and cheap! After dinner Eli had soccer. It between dropping off and picking up Bleeze and I went home and did a load of laundry and then picked up Eli. We also got Lexi tonight. She is spending the night because of some test Tammy's dad has to have done in the morning. Sending our prayers for him!
Bleeze went to sleep early tonight (thanks to cold medicine, he is so sneezy and drippy) Poor baby! Eli and Lexi have literally been drawing for 2 hours. They are so funny. (At least they are not arguing) LOL!
I did have time today to throw in some political blogs. Some people blow my mind! Anyway, that is all I have to say about that for now.
I just looked at my sweetheart. He is sleeping in the recliner. He works so hard, he went hunting tonight too and worked out the gym. He is beat! Well, I am going to settle in bed and read some before attempting to sleep. I have been having serious issues with that lately. Good night!

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