Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sneezy Saturday....and some gratitude

I think it is official we all have colds. Bleeze is sneezy and coughing and so am I. Eli had me up in the middle of the night coughing and Tommy woke up with congestion also. But we will make it. It could be a lot worse! We stayed home all day. We did manage to go to Eli's soccer game. They tied today. That was good b/c their playing stunk until the last quarter. Tommy and I went to church tonight. That is one good thing about attending a church with service on Saturday and Sunday. We can't take Bleeze tomorrow b/c of all his yucky cold symptoms. Mom and Dad kept the kids and we had dinner with them after church. Church was good of course. The music was great tonight. I made cupcakes for the bake sale at Trunk Treats at church tomorrow night. All and all despite the sneezing, snotting, and coughing we had a good day. Going to show my Gratitude and snuggle with my boys.

Grateful for...
* That we re going to feel better soon b/c by "His stripes we are healed".

* Eli being the most amazing goalie in the entire history of soccer...LOL!

* Cupcakes and icing...

* Tonight sermon at have joy in my trials knowing that it is only temporary through Christ.

* Worship Music

* Yummy dinner w/ my parents

* the fact that Tommy went grocery shopping tonight for me after he went to the gym. (even thought I spent a half hour calling out my shopping list over the phone)

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