Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's talk Politics.....

I know that some people think that you should keep your personal thoughts on the election to yourself. However, I feel that I need to share mine. To think that Obama may be the next president scares the living crap out of me!!!!! I just want to share some facts with you over the next few days. I pulled these straight from the McCain website. I urge just to read over them. They make sense and they are in no way bashing Obama. I hope you will take time to read over them especially if you are undecided. I told some folks this week this is just my personal impression of Obama. He is smooth, he talks a good talk. You know ladies, like the talk that guy in high school used to talk...smooth, beautiful, music to your ears and then just leaves you hanging in the end! That is how I feel about Obama. He is that suave guy who sweet talks a good talk but deep down you just feel like he is full of it. You don't want to admit it but you just know it. That is what I think a lot of people are thinking. So that is enough on that subject. I will just post my little articles and be about my business. Praying for McCain and our country!!!!

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