Monday, October 13, 2008


Monday..... today has defiantly been Monday. I was up bright and early cleaning and homeschooling. Eli did really good this morning and finished quickly. That was great. The highlight of my day was having lunch with Candy. Chickfila....that's our place girl! It was so good to see her. I've missed her like crazy. I LOVED seeing Gracie and Hayden too. Hope to see Hannah soon. Then the boys and I were off to Bilo. I really hate shopping at Bilo but it is in the parking lot with Chickfila. Came home and cleaned the floors and dusted the walls. Oh...and more laundry. Then I cooked some dinner... Beef Stroganoff. (I thought of you Candy, I did not use yogurt though...hehehehe)

After dinner it was soccer time. Eli and he got his pics. So handsome he is. I drove Bleeze to my parents because I did not want him to fall asleep on the way to soccer. When I went back to pick him up, he had gotten a bath and was into a Scooby Doo movie. So I chilled out with them until time to pick up Eli again.

OH! I had a blast talking to Lori tonight too! Girl you make me laugh so hard!!! Glad you joined facebook too. LOL!!!! We've got to plan a camping trip soon! Came home, mopped some more floors, got the boys in bed, did some scheduling, watched One Tree Hill and now I am just chilling with Tommy. He is watching Life on Mars...weird show!!!! I am about to crash. I am beat!!!!Bleeze has had a horrible past three nights sleeping...(full moon Brandi....BEWARE) I have a very busy week. Tomorrow is jammed packed! That's about it for me today. nightie night!

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Candystn30 said...

oh my Lord i know that is so our place LOL HEHEHEHE i didn't get to finish my dream i had but it too was a chick fla LOL seriously! LOL I know it is a full moon because hannah's horse was acting crazy last night and the moon was huge!!! I kept looking up at it and then a pepsi like ?!?!? really? i mean LOL...OH you should have used yogurt so good HEHEHEHEHEHEHE