Thursday, October 16, 2008

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I am sitting here watching The Golden Girls. I love this show. It makes me laugh so hard!!!!!Makes me think of much I miss you guys....Candy, Tiffany, Christy. Good times!!!!! Anyway, the past few days have been pretty jammed packed and fun. I will hit some of the highlights.
* Tuesday morning was great. Talked with Candy on the phone.... again my friend...I've missed you!
* I also cleaned out the garage. I always get VERY angry when I clean out the garage. My boys make such a mess and all the neighborhood children seem to think they live here. So I was fussing under my breath and out loud about the mess. I said, "Oh, I am so mad, I am about to explode" Bleeze looked at me and said, "Mommy, you can't explode!" I said, WHY? He said, "You got bones in your body" LOL!!!!!!!!! That made me settle down and count my blessings! Thanks sweet Bleeze!
* Let's see, Tuesday night was date night with the boys. I had my sweet Bleeze this week. He wanted to eat at Chickfila again. So we went to Chickfila. He had a lot of fun because the BIG COW was there. The cow gave Bleeze a balloon. He just thought that rocked! He was so cute looking up at that Cow. He must have asked me a thousand times if it was a boy or a girl. I told him a boy but I don't think he believed me. LOL! He said he wanted to go shopping. We got a late start so I said okay, we will go to Target and Hobby Lobby. We had fun. He ran up and down the toy aisles telling me everything he wanted Santa to bring him. I just took my time and let him have fun in the toy department. He got a pretend shaving set. I have some pics to post of him "shaving" but I will have to upload them later. Pressed for time right now. After our shopping trip we headed to Brewsters for ice cream. We sat outside and looked at the moon. (its full) I did not need to look at the moon to know it was full though. I can always tell by my boys behavior and their sleep patterns. So, we had a nice little time. We even sang " I see the moon" a few times. After we got in the car Bleeze wanted to sing "God is Big"he loves it when they sing it at Grace. So we sang it all the way home. After this last time singing I said, " Oh I sure love God" Bleeze said, "I love him too" Made my night!!!!! Once we got home he "shaved" his little face a hundred times. LOL!
* Yesterday was CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to go to Spartanburg for Tommy and then all the way back to Greenville to Pelham for something I needed! UGGGGHHHH!!! The boys were good and entertained themselves. Bleeze even slept! LOL! So while we were out and about. I decided that I am great at multitasking. I was driving, grocery shopping, going through drive through and texting different people all at one time pratically. LOL!!! Bleeze says "mommy text at red lights and stops signs for safety" LOL!!!!
* Speaking of texting Jennifer, I had so much fun chatting with you yesterday. I have laughed about the story you told me. I told Tommy this morning and I was laughing just like the old days just seeing the entire thing in my mind. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you too...maybe someday I will get to Aiken or you will get to Greenville. You so need to come!!!!
* The weather here has been beautiful. It was warm yesterday afternoon. The boys played outside! While they were playing I was busy practicing my cake decorating. The night before I made red velvet and chocolate cupcakes. So yesterday I decorated them. I will post some pics later. I have to give them out today though so we don't eat them. LOL!
* So last night Tommy worked really late so I watched some episodes of John and Kate plus 8. Ha! They make me realize I can do anything. I only have 2. They rock!!!
* Then there was THE DEBATE! I have made no bones about the fact that I am a McCain supporter! I just have a few things to say.....
1. Do you honestly think that either candidate can do any of the things that they promise without raising some taxes considering the current state of the economy???? I mean it is just common sense people!!! COME ON!!!!
2. I cannot and will not vote for anyone who says that precious life is choice!!!!!! Sorry can't do it. I don't really understand how anyone can. I may write an entire blog on this subject later but I know it is going to cause such a stink I don't know if I am up for it today.
3. I loved that McCain made it clear that he is not George Bush.
4. People need to really pay attention to the "eloquence of Obama's" speech. He uses words like look at, possibly, etc. He his not making promises. He is making things "sound good" Just really look at his policies and see if they are truly possible. I mean, I am not a very intelligent person and I can see how he uses specific wording to make it "sound good" Some of the things he says are not achievable. I can really see how he is a smooth talker.. he makes things sound really good. However, ARE THEY POSSIBLE?? Most of his policies include big government and I am NOT BIG GOVERNMENT!!!! I always think about what people say, "If it looks and sounds to good t0o be true then chances are it is too good to be true." That is what I feel about Obama! (that's just my opinion don't go all crazy on me)
5. I am ready for the election to be over either way. Still supporting McCain all the way!!!!
okay... enough election talk....
So now, I am off to homeschool and run some errands. Looking forward to tonight's Bible study. YAY!!! I also can't wait to watch Grey's and ER. Abby leaves tonight on ER I know I am going to cry a river...Oh! Speaking of crying a river. I am reading the Shack. I am only on chapter 5 and I was crying a river yesterday....Oh...THANKS Tammy for the warning about reading it while camping. SO GLAD THAT I DID NOT READ IT THERE! LOL!!!
* Oh I also want to give a big shout to two peeps. Elle, you counting your blessings and Candy making your thankful list each day. You two inspire me to look at at the little things and be so thankful. Love to you both!!!

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