Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I have been kinda busy and lazy lately. The times I could have blogged I have decided to just chillax the past few days. Let me see what are some highlights.

* I finished THE SHACK! AMAZING!

* Took the boys to Cracker Barrel on Friday night. We all wore our Halloween shirts. The boys wore their Halloween Crocks. CUTE! I will have to say that there is nothing like good old Southern Comfort food on a cool night. YUMO! We went to Target. I bought the book The Secret Life of Bees. I am almost finished with it and then I am going to go see the movie. Great Book!

* Saturday we hung out here at home. Took the boys to the new fancy McDonald's for lunch. It is nice. Plasma screen TV's, chandeliers hanging up, high top booths. NICE! Ceramic tile floors( you know I would notice the floor...lol) But the best part is that it does not have a germ factory playground. LOL!

* Saturday night Tommy worked late but that did not keep us from getting our bimonthly date night. We went to Copper River and then ha...WALMART for him to purchase MORE hunting gear.

*Sunday was good. We went to church of course! I am excited about starting the study on I Peter. After church we went to my parents for lunch and then to the Sports Store and Barnes and Noble. I started the Love Dare Book this week. Sunday night Tony and Tammy came over for dinner. We had good conversation. Only to be interrupted by Eli's stomach issues. ugghh.. I think he over ate or something. He was still having some other issues too.

*Monday morning it was off to the doctor with Eli. He is dehydrated (they think from sports) and they are watching for more symptoms leading towards kidney stones. pray that this is not the case. I cleaned house the rest of the day then last night I cooked dinner and the boys and I ate. Tommy was late coming home. After dinner I got the boys in bed and watched some tv myself. I can't believe how much I like One Tree Hill.

* Today has been good. I home schooled this morning and then we met Brandi and her girls at the park. Bleeze and Anna had so much fun. They played "mom and honey" that's what Bleeze calls "house". He calls the mom the mom and the dad the "honey" b/c that is what I call Tommy. LOL! It was so beautiful today.

After lunch I went to the John McCain headquarters for a shirt that I wanted (Elizabeth had it on, on THE VIEW today) They were completely sold out of shirts, no road signs, no bumper stickers, nothing) That's okay though that means he has got lots of supporters. I am really getting frustrated with this entire election. I have had several good arguments and blogs boiling in my head I just do not have the energy to post them. It exhaust me. One thing I do want to say though, is regardless of whom you are voting for Obama or McCain, do you honestly think that either one of them can take office and not raise taxes. I mean let's use common sense. Look at the current state of the economy. I will say this. All the programs that Obama promises have to be funded from somewhere...where do you think that money is going to come from??????okay, can't talk about it anymore It is exhausting...lol...no I am serious..it is!

* Tonight is date night with the boys. I have Eli this week. I was thinking maybe we would go get him some new goalie gloves for soccer and Krispy Kreme doughnuts until I spotted a bag of Dove chocolates on Tommy's desk. Now I am thinking just to get the goalie glove. LOL!

* I hope everyone is doing awesome. I am out of here. Going to go sit on the porch and enjoy this beautiful weather!!!!!

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