Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun Family Times!!!!

Today has been so nice. Bleeze did not sleep well last night. He seemed to be a little nervous. We are near a train track and every time the train would go by he would sit straight up in the bed. It was so funny. We chilled out here at the campground this morning. Then we headed into Asheville. We had lunch at Chilli's and then we went to Maple Nut Gap Farms. AMAZING place. We went through a corn maze, pumpkin patch, had Apple Cider Ice drinks, the boys got to pet farm animals. They loved it! Eli caught a chicken. LOL!

We came back here to the campground tonight. I made a awesome beef stew in the crock pot. It cooked all day. We had that for dinner and it was awesome. Tommy took a nap, Bleeze made a leaf pile, Eli fed the ducks and played with other kiddos. Tommy just went to the store to get some firewood. I got Bleeze a bath, Eli is watching icarly LOL! I am about to go get the boys in bed so that I can spend some quiet time with my honey by the fire. I am so thankful for my awesome family and the time we've had together. God Rocks!!!

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