Wednesday, October 22, 2008

had to share

My sweet friend Brandi wrote this blog. I know, I said I was only going to post a very minimum concerning the election but boy I am feeling the pressure here in the last few days before we vote. I loved her blog and found it to be honest and worth sharing.

now i was not going to do the whole political thing this year because i got REALLY bent out of shape about it last election and i said I wouldn't let it this time around. Last time i wasn't married and didn't have children so i had time to be concerned and wear my bush pens and stickers and everything but now that i have kiddos i haven't really paid much attention. I know that God already knows and is in control of what is going to come of this whole thing but I'm really having to put my faith and trust in him. My Bible study and devotions are really lifting me up but I still feel like I need to say this. I'm voting for John McCain. Many republicans seem to not be behind this man 100% but you still need to back him. In the primaries here in SC i didn't vote for him. I really liked Fred Thompson. Well....he was out soon. LOL! Now I am totally backing McCain. He is our man! The thought that Barack Obama could be our next president is quite unnerving. We don't need a rookie in our world today. HELLO????? what are you people thinking? The world cannot have peace by a handshake! I'm sorry but that is just not going to fly. I feel that Obama is very naive. I don't feel comfortable having someone lead our country that doesn't seem to have a clear perspective on things. Man, he sure does make wonderful speeches and sermons but the problem is that i just don't really believe them. I'm not sure but he does have muslum background and don't you think he may give Iran a little leway. Israel is a great friend of ours and if America knows what is good for her she will keep it that way! God is wanting and calling to all the Americans to make the right choice. Come on people....don't you want our children to experience the freedom we do? I don't want to live in fear the way I did the 6 months after 9.11. I was in TOTAL fear! Biden himself said an attack would be made on the US immediately after (IF) Obama was elected and he didn't know what Obama's response would be. What?!?!?! You know....President Bush made some mistake but who doesn't? Atleast he acted after the attacks and obviously it worked because we had not had another like that since! I feel like I'm living in freedom again! Now we don't need to lose it! If you are at all intelligent and want your children and decendants to know the freedom you have today then make the right choice and vote McCain Palin.

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