Monday, October 27, 2008


okay guys, I realize that some of you are totally sick of the entire political issues right now. To be honest, I am sick of it too. I am really ready for it all to be over. We only have 8 more days until election day. I know some of you want the post to stop. I however, feel strongly about this election and feel compelled to post. I am not making my post to be rude, hateful, or to start trouble. I post because I care about my future, my children's future, your future, and the future of our country. For those of you who are Obama supporters I just want you to take a look at this link. For those of you who are McCain supporters take a look and pass it on. This is from Sean Hannity's show last night. Now, for those of you who know me, you know that I am very open minded. I don't always agree with FOX news like most ultra conservatives. I watch CNN also. LOL!!!! I just want EVERYONE to be open minded and watch these clips. It is scary to me to think of what may happen to some of our freedoms. Please just take a look and do not be mean, just open minded and think hard about the decision we all have to make in 8 days. Grab you a cup of coffee take just 8 minutes and just relax and watch this clip. THANKS!!!

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