Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Terrific Tuesday....

Today has been pretty good. I did manage to get a ton done today too. I homeschooled, help Brandi for a little bit decorate our church for Christmas (wish I could have helped longer), cleaned, worked on our family Christmas cards, took the boys to the movies late this afternoon to see BOLT! SO CUTE!!!! Then we had dinner with my parents at El Jalisco. Tomorrow is busy too....got appointments and I have to start working on Thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a great day. Going to get some gratitude in and then finish watching Desperate Housewives of Orange County...LOL and then OFF TO BED!!!!

Grateful for....

* The ad posted in the previous blog of my precious Bleeze.

* Fun times with my boys at the movies.

* Yummy food from El Jalisco.

* my friends and family

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