Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday and Some Gratitude.....

Today has been good. We went to church this morning. It was good as always. Had fun in our little class too. After church we had a yummy lunch with my parents. After lunch Tommy headed to Union for some hunting. I had to go back to the church because Eli left his cell phone in the slide. LOL! So we had to go check lost and found for it. After we recovered the missing cell phone we went to the new Walmart on Pelham to buy some groceries. After grocery shopping we came home and the boys played outside while I straightened the house. I cooked dinner and then got the boys settled in for some Charlie Brown for Bleeze and Webkinz for Eli. I sat with Tommy while he ate his dinner and then we raided the candy basket from Halloween! LOL! I got the boys in bed early tonight. Well, it feels late because of the time change. I am watching Desperate Housewives now and then I am going to settle in bed with a book. I have a crazy busy week and I have to get up early in the morning. Hope everyone's week ROCKS!

My gratitude for today.

* church- It was really awesome today. I enjoyed it!

* my new facial cleaner and moisturizer......hope to stop some of the wrinkles.

* the sweet cars crocks that I bought for Bleeze today. He looks precious in them.

* dinner with my boys watching them talk back and forth to each other.

* chocolate from the candy bucket (especially since I have PMS) LOL!

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