Saturday, November 8, 2008

Auditions, Soccer Games, Funnies, etc ( oh and some gratitude)

Today started early. Eli had an audition at The Academy of Arts. He ROCKED it! (of course) That took more time than I expected. Bleeze has been quiet the handful today. I think that he has gotten in trouble more today than ever. (It is not full moon either) After the audition we went to Hobby Lobby. Then this afternoon Eli had a soccer game. He played awesome! The Vipers wonthis week 3-2. They have their last game next Saturday and then the sports banquet on Sunday. Bleeze fell asleep on the way home from the game and slept until 6.

I watched the Tigers (Clemson) play some this afternoon. UGGHH! I cooked dinner and then mom said the boys could stay with her because they did not want to go grocery shopping with me. I jumped on that. Tommy went to the gym and I got a full 2 hours to myself shopping at Walmart! THAT ROCKED! ( I would have been out sooner but the cashier literally took 50 minutes to ring up the woman in front of me and myself. I could have cried it took so long...God love her)

Oh... gotta funny for all of you! As I said earlier, Bleeze has been a handful today. We were eating dinner and he was quiet as a mouse. The dog was sitting in his usual place beside the table. All of sudden, Bleeze picks up his dinner roll and throws it and hits the dog. OMG! I thought I would die. I was trying to not to laugh but that dog jumped 50 feet in the air it scared him so bad. I do not know what came over Bleeze. I said, "Bleeze we do NOT throw food, and we don't hit the dog either. WHY DID YOU DO THAT????" He looked and me and said, "cause I fwelt (felt) like it" I thought I would die. By this time Tommy and Eli are rolling on the floor. OH MY the joy of boys.

So tonight I enjoyed a little alone time at the grocery store. Now I am just chillin like a villain. Looking forward tomorrow. Now for some gratitude...

* Pretty Christmas decorations in Hobby Lobby. Made me get the holiday spirit more..."tis the season to be jolly"

* Vipers soccer... Eli ROCKS as goalie and sweeper.

* The laugh I got at dinner when Bleeze threw the dinner roll....

* Alone time at the grocery store.

* For Brandi bringing up Tropical trail mix..(I bought some tonight and I have eaten so much I feel sick)

* My boys...even though they fuss and fight sometimes. I know they love each other so much. Tonight Eli was upset over something and Bleeze hugged him and said, "It's going to be okay, Eli" Eli said, "I know, thanks bub" ................sniff...sniff...sniff

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