Thursday, November 13, 2008

my few days and some gratitude

The past few days have been crazy. I had a lot going on here at the house and tons of errands to run. Last night I went to the funeral home for baby Conner. I am praying that SUPERNATURAL peace that was prayed for me back in July to surround Chris, Alison, and the rest of the family. It was good to see so many old friends last night. I hate the circumstances of getting to see them but it was so good to see people. After the funeral home we went with Tammy and Tony to Coach House it Simpsonville, I am so sorry I missed Lexi's volleyball game. Hopefully they will have another game and I will get to see her in action. I stayed up until 1AM baking cakes and preparing icing for Lexi's birthday cake this weekend. I knew this weekend was going to be crazy. I wanted to get a jump start on things.

This morning after our normal morning things we went to Baby Conner's funeral. I was so blessed by Chris. To stand and speak over your child so takes that super natural peace that I was talking about earlier. He did an incredible job. I am praying for this family. It was strange being at Abundant Life though. Bleeze thought it was so cool that they have a playground at church. LOL!

This afternoon the boys made a tent and spent the entire afternoon playing. I took advantage of this time and decorated Lexi's cake. It turned out pretty good. I hope she likes it! That is all that matters. It is volleyball and purple. Her two favorites. Tonight we had dinner and I have chilled. I felt like I have been going without stopping lately.

This weekend is packed full of excitement. All kinds of things going on! So for now, I am going to watch my favorite show (ER) and go to bed.

Gratitude for two days.....
* $125 pants for $15..WHOO HOO!!!

* Chickfila sweet tea....

* Old friends

* God's super-natural peace

* my precious family

* memories with my family

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