Monday, November 24, 2008

manic monday....w/ some gratitude

Today was SO a Monday. Woke up a little later than usual because Bleeze kept me up half the night. He just would wake up for now reason. He got in our bed and then he was kicking me in the head and laying on top of me. ughhhh! Hopefully he will sleep good tonight. I had a good work out and did a lot here at home early this morning. I homeschooled this afternoon and then I was off to get my hair done.

I went a little darker with my hair. Alicia always does good. Bleeze was such a stinker while we were there. I had to punish him after we left. He did not get to get candy when we stopped at the store and that caused an entire different scene....ugghhh...

I did manage to get the house clean, mopped my floors tonight. I ROCK! LOL! My "to do list" is long and I managed to get a lot done today. So I feel accomplished.:0)

I cooked dinner tonight and the boys ate pretty good, got baths, Bleeze went to bed early b/c he had NO NAP...ugghh! Eli has been a busy beaver with his Lincoln Logs tonight. He has entire village set up across the floor. It is pretty impressive.

So for now, going to show some gratitude and hit the sack. I have a list a mile long to get done and the morning comes early!!!!

SO grateful for....

* The strength God gives me to get so much accomplished in one day!

* My sweet boys, even though they were wild monkeys at the hair salon today. I still love them.

* The strength God gives me when my boys are wild monkeys LOL!!!!!

* My clean house, warm bed, and clothes on my back,for health and healing, for God love and mercy!

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Beth said...

Hmmm, sounds like a fun night! ;-) Hope you got a good rest last night! Can't wait to see your hair! I bet it is cute!!!