Saturday, November 22, 2008

The past two days...

The past two days have been crazy and hectic. We have a lot going on. I did manage to make my first fondant cake yesterday. WOO HOO! My family was impressed. Got home pretty late last night so I went straight to bed. Today has been nice. I made Eli's bday party invites this morning. Tommy was home with us all day. (THAT IS SO RARE) We had lots of good family time. Snuggled in bed this moring (all 4 of us), we had some company come by for just a little bit, We made frozen pizzas and ate them for lunch. We listened to Christmas music, we acted silly, watched the last quarter of the Clemson game. YAY TIGERS! Then my mother in law came over to watch the boys so that we could go do some Christmas shopping. We enjoyed dinner at Flat Rock and then we went had hit the stores. WE GOT A LOT DONE! WOO HOO! Now to count my blessings, do some reading, and get to bed...gotta get up early in the morning for church...good night.

Gratitude for today...
* Loved getting to take the cake class yesterday!

* Snuggle time this morning with my family.

* yucky frozen pizza with my three favorite guys.

* Christmas music

* Clemson won today! GO TIGERS!

* Flat Rocks... for loaded chicken, peach martini, and cheesecake ohhhh so good.

* the money to go Christmas Shopping and to be able to buy my boys exactly what they ask for.

* my awesome jacket I got tonight and for Tommy's warm jacket he got. It is so cold and he did not have a good jacket.

*God... he ROCKS! Never ceases to amaze me!

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Brandi said...

Peach martinis are my FAVORITE!!!!!!