Monday, November 3, 2008

Reflections and some Gratitude

Tonight I sit thinking about tomorrow. One of the most important days ever. The day we will all go and cast our vote for our next president. I said all.....however, I heard today that there are many people who are still undecided or they have decided that they will not vote because they do not agree with either candidate. This is one of the craziest things I've ever heard. I cannot imagine not voting tomorrow. I have made no secret as to who I am voting for. For me the clear choice is John McCain. I cannot give a vote to someone I feel has no experience, has been associated with questionable people, is pro-choice, wants to raise taxes and spread the wealth, obviously does not understand the war (we need someone who understands the war), who chooses to have me rely on the government for everything, etc. The list goes on and on.... I have posted blog after blog with information about McCain. All I can do now is vote and pray. I pray that each of you have been given this extraordinary gift to go and vote will do it! GO VOTE TOMORROW (hopefully for John McCain...LOL)

okay, so I am through with my political blogs (maybe one or two more)!!! LOL! So today has been crazy. I have barely sat down at all. Tonight my legs and back are killing me. I homeschooled all morning. Both boys did very well today. We made some cute fall crafts too! I cleaned house all afternoon, did 4 loads of laundry, cooked a pretty awesome dinner if I say so myself, took and picked Eli up from soccer, and caught two of my favorite shows tonight. (Big Bang Theory and One Tree Hill) So today has been great!

Well, for now I am out of here. Going to show some gratitude and then I am going to do some reading. Hope everyone has a great night...GO VOTE!!!! ( for John McCain...LOL)

Grateful for:

* My two precious boys and being able to homeschool them

* My clean house...smells good!

* My good smelling clean clothes I washed today... I love febreze downy...ahhhh

* My hubby even though he is going to drive me insane until this election is over....

* The fact that I am a Free American with the great freedom of going to get to VOTE for the president of this great nation.

* Grateful for men like John McCain who is a proud American who has given his all of the country. I am proud to cast my vote for him tomorrow!!!

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