Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my day and some gratitude..

I must admit I was pretty much glued to the news all day. Trying to feel overwhelmed and find out info for myself and not go by all the talk that is out there about Obama. It is what it is and that is that! LOL! All we can do is just pray (like we should always do, even if the candidate is not who we chose, we should still be praying) I am not going to be gloom and doom. I also refuse to let this consume me. I am going to be of good cheer!

I did homeschool, cleaned out the garage, sorted all the plastic recycle and bagged it up to take it to the drop tomorrow. I made a pretty yummy dinner and then we had date night tonight because Tommy did not get through voting until 9pm last night. God Bless him, he waited in line 3 hours to cast his vote!

So tonight was date night. I had Eli tonight. We were pressed tonight for time too because Tommy worked really late. I took him to Target and let him get a WEBKINZ because he was so patient at the voting center yesterday. He waited 2 hours and 20 minutes. GOD BLESS HIM! Bleeze rocked too. He sat in his stroller 2 hours so Daddy took him to Toys R Us to get the Mystery Machine to go with his Scooby Doo Dolls. Tommy and Bleeze went for ice cream. Eli and I went to sonic. He is allergic to dairy so we got slushies. I must say the cranberry juice slush ROCKS!!!

Target has some awesome holiday items already. I bought a cute snowflake cupcake/muffin pan, some holiday bowls. I am getting excited. Before Christmas though comes birthdays. I have to do my niece's cake next week. Eli's bday is in December so I have a party and cake to plan for that too!

Bleeze is watching the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown for about the 100th time. I actually caught him mouthing the words earlier. He has memorized the entire movie I think! LOL! He laughs so hard EVERY SINGLE time when Snoopy laughs. He loves it and I love him!

I think I will go show my gratitude for today and go to bed. I am tired. I look forward to the park tomorrow with Brandi and Beth. I can't wait to see my brother tomorrow. I hate he has to come for a funeral but I can't wait to see him. I just wish Jessica and Makenzie were coming with him. So for now here's my gratitude...

* Grateful for the awesome chicken salad I made for lunch today. It rocked!

* Grateful to be an American and see history take place.

* Grateful for my precious family and date nights!

* Grateful for my funny hubby that has his status on myspace right now as handsome! That he is! LOL!

* Grateful the Bleeze has fallen to to move him to his bed without waking him up.

*Grateful for God's grace and peace that surpasses all understanding!

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