Tuesday, November 11, 2008

blah....but I am always grateful.

Today has been kinda blah for me. It all started when my plans for today got shot down. UGGHHH! Then I have just felt kinda uggh... I think it is hormones so hopefully I will snap out of it VERY SOON. Today was laundry day, I had a lot chores and duties to take care of, Bleeze has been very fussy today (full moon, I do believe) I have practically had him stuck to my leg all day. I couldn't even have phone conversations ( I will try to call you tomorrow Elle). While rocking Bleeze this afternoon (he never fell asleep) I watched a lifetime movie. We had date night tonight. It was my night with Bleeze. Bleeze and I went to Pizza Hut (YUCK) He liked it though. That was it for tonight. I think Eli and Tommy went to Jersey Mike's Subs and that was it.

Even though I am not feeling so good today I am still very grateful. I have so much to be grateful for and I feel VERY blessed so here are a few for today...

* My hubby. He works so hard.

* My Bible... to help me through days like today. God's word ROCKS!

* PMS medication. LOL!

* My sweet boys

*Sweet times with Bleeze tonight at Pizza Hut. (I drew a (what I thought was a dog) for him on the menu and he said, "Mommy, that's a crab" LOL! Now you all know what a great artist I am) hehehehe!

* My sweet friend Elle, for inspiring me in so many ways. Thanks!

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