Saturday, November 29, 2008

I think I have turned into the Energizer Bunny....

OH Where do I start??? I have been a crazy girl for the past few days. I think I have turned into the Energizer Bunny. NO, Seriously, Let me start with Thanksgiving. I got up at 7 am and made cranberry salad and then made Pigs in a Blanket. This has become a tradition in our house for Thanksgiving morning. It was awesome we all four piled up and watched the parade and ate our "piggies in a blanket" as Bleeze calls them. After the parade is was the great bake-off. I was in charge of desserts this year. I made a scratch chocolate cake, scratch chocolate chips (that were to die for I might say,(even if I did make them)), and a cranberry crumble pie. AWESOME! I finished all my baking just in time to get us all dressed and to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner.

Dinner was awesome always. I have to say that I think my parents are probably some of the best cooks I know. They should open a restaurant. It was WONDERFUL! After dinner, Tommy crashed on the couch while we all just sat around and chatted. Then, Tommy was off to the gym and I hung out at my parents watching TV and surfing the net for black Friday deals. I left my boys at my parents because my Dad was SO gracious to keep them so that I could meet Brandi and Cindy for some early morning shopping.

So, I go home and lay down in the bed. It is 9:30 pm. I don't think I have went to bed that early in about 5 years. So, anyway, I lay there, I COULD NOT go to sleep. I prayed for everyone in the world, counted sheep, counted to 100, counted from 100 to 0, started counting my blessings (that gets me excited and I can't sleep then), 1:10AM comes, I am still lying there and RING goes the phone. It is my mom. Bleeze is screaming and crying wanted to come home. He said his leg was hurting???? So, I get up throw on my coat, go pick him up. 1:31 I am back home, gave Bleeze some Motrin for whatever the leg pain is (I honestly, think he was dreaming) I lay down in the bed and I still can't go to sleep. 3am get up get dressed and I am sitting in Walmart parking lot at 3:29! Woo hoo. Brandi did not get to come because she was sick (sorry girl) but I had so much hanging out with Cindy. We stood out in the cold for an hour and half but it was SO worth it. I got over 1000 dollars worth of stuff for 300!!!! We were at the very front of the line. I got my kitchen aid mixer. YAYAYYAYAYAYAYYAY!!!!! I was so happy a $350 mixer for $130!! That rocks. So I go home and I think surely, I will be able to sleep. I laid down in the bed at 6:32... I thought I would drift off. WRONG! 7am RING goes the alarm clock for Tommy to get up and go to work, then 10 minutes later, Bleeze wakes up wanting pancakes! My Dad had promised him pancakes so we went to my parents and ate pancakes then it was home for Christmas decorating.

So I get home to decorate, everything was going so smooth. I was thinking to myself, " The reason this is going so good and smooth is because I am so organized and I am proud of myself" So I put the tree up with the wonderful pre-lit lights on it that we bought 2 years ago. I plug it up and BAM NO FRIGGIN LIGHTS!!!!!! I was furious. So, I spent from 2:35 until 6:35 cutting those stinkin lights off my tree. We went for left overs at my parents. After dinner Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby and then it was back to decorating that stupid tree. I finally got the tree decorated, and some bows made and looked at the clock and it was 1am! UGGGHHHH! I was up for almost 48 hours straight. When I went to bed I was so tired, every time I would close my eyes the room would spin. I finally dozed off and then I woke up at 6 am ready to go again.

I got up and started cleaning. This beautiful yet horrible ribbon I made bows with, has red glitter on it. It was EVERYWHERE. I had to sweep my house 7 times and I used the Shop Vac. I finally got everything packed away in my attic and cleaned up. I managed to get some of the outside of the house decorated (plan to finish that tomorrow0w), cleaned out my oven, did 4 loads of laundry, and started Shop Vac'ing the entire house. I am addicted to sucking up dust. LOL!

Tonight we went to dinner with my cousins Cathy and Teri and their kids. I hoped they enjoyed Don Pablos. I hate Jaydon did not like his food. boo hoo! We had fun! I wish they lived closer so that we could hang out more often. The kiddos would love it I know. We have to get together next time here at our house that way they can play!

So now, I am tired I feel like I have been going NON stop. I am watching one of my all time favorite Christmas movies "White Christmas" I love it. It is so dreamy. (Candy, I thought of you) I actually feel a little shaky so I am going to some gratitude and hit the sack....

* God, he ROCKS! He is my everything and gives me so much more than I could ever deserve.

* A wonderful Thanksgiving with my precious family.

* My wonderful, wonderful family and friends.

* Seeing Bleeze sweet face light up when he saw the Snoopy balloon in the Macy's Day Parade on TV.

* AWESOME Thanksgiving food.

* Christmas decorations, even though they are a pain to put up, they are so pretty. I felt giddy tonight when I came home and saw them!

* Hobby Lobby... I think it is my favorite store.

* My Kitchen Aid mixer and all the other awesome deals I got on black Friday.

* Playing with Bleeze while I removed the pre-lit lights from the tree. He kept company the entire 3 hours. We had so much fun pretending.

* My boys rooms. They decorated them for Christmas themselves. They look precious.

* The Shop is helping get rid of the glitter and dust from strange ares. I am addicted!

* Dinner tonight with Cathy and Terri

* The sleep I am about to get!

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