Saturday, November 15, 2008

Showing some gratitude...

Today I am so thankful for...

* that my neck pain (even though it is bad now) is not as bad as yesterday.

* that my sweet Eli made it through his first boys sleepover and had a blast!

* for McDonald's yummy sausage biscuits on a cold morning....

* The Vipers won their last game of the season today! GO ELI!

* My sweet friend Brandi helping me with the cake today for the soccer party tomorrow. WE ROCKED THE CAKE MY FRIEND!

* Double Date night... Had so much fun with Jon and Brandi at Brick City Grill. We have to go back on Karaoke night!

* My funny hubby and boys!

*prescription muscle and pain relievers....THANK YOU GOD!!!!

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