Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Sunday....ahhh.....

Today has been splendid. The day all started with us oversleeping. A miracle did occur though. Our church starts at 9am. We woke up at 8:10. We could have went to 2nd service but I did not want to get out late. So we were off and running. We took showers, got dressed and made it to church by 9:05. WOW!!! That is a MIRACLE! Church was awesome as always! Missed the Wards today. Hope all of you feel better soon :o)

After church we had to wait on my parents to get out of their service to have lunch so we went for coffee and got the boys smoothies. We also ran in Khols for a few minutes. Then we went to lunch at my parents. YUMMY! Then it was Lazy Sunday! :Last night I bought the old classic Disney movie Old Yeller. It also came with the sequel Savage Sam. We put on our pj's and watched both movies this afternoon. It was awesome!!!! Then I got dressed again and Tommy kept the boys for me to go buy groceries. I grabbed some take out on the way home and it has just been a good day.

So here is some gratitude.....

* Making it to church...

*Matt's message today. I related so well!

* coffee and smoothies w/ my family on Sunday morning.

* lunch w/ my parents

* lazy Sunday afternoon with good old classic movies that make me cry every time.

* grocery shopping alone....peace, peace

* my sweet hubby for watching our boys

* my new pj's I put on tonight. So soft and comfy...even if Tommy said they look like granny pj's.

* God's everlasting love and mercy!!!

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