Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween, Soccer, Theater....MY LIFE! (and some gratitude)

My life has been crazy the past few days. Halloween was lots of fun. We had a lot going on. Eli had Drama Camp, we did a showing for chic affair at Lilypad, the boys and I had lunch at Mutts (they love to watch the train go around the place), then we were ready for spooks! Tammy and Tony came over and we went trick or treating and then to my parents church of TRUNK TREATS and lots of fun! They jumped on jumpy rides and rode slides. They even rode a toilet scooter. SO FUNNY! It was fun! We had dinner only to be interrupted by Eli and a belly ache (combination of things I think but thanks to go old GAS-X it did not last long. The boys had a blast.

I do however, feel the candy has had a HUGE effect on my sweet Bleeze. He has been a WILD boy all day. ESPECIALLY tonight! UGGHHH! Today was good Eli had a soccer game! GO VIPERS they won!!! Then I made a pound cake for dessert tonight. We had dinner at Mythos with my parents and Tommy's dad and Tammy. Then we went to Eli's play. Mary joined us there so Eli had all his grandparents there. SO GOOD! They did an awesome, awesome job. It was so good and can't wait for Silent Star at Christmas! After the play everyone came back here for dessert. The boys were wired!!!! So we have had an awesome couple of days. We got church tomorrow and then I plan on relaxing tomorrow afternoon! So for is my gratitude for the day.

* Soccer.... Eli played an awesome game today. Maybe one of the best games yet.

* That my cell phone and voice mail is fixed!

* The awesome Sock Monkey jack-in-the box my mom got Bleeze for Halloween. IT ROCKS and he loves it!
(he carried it around all day today...even to the soccer game)

*Charlie Brown movies...that calmed Bleeze down tonight.

* Eli's awesome play. He is so awesome. They always do a great job. I am so thankful for Homeschool Drama Camps!

* That all the family came to support my sweet boy. You guys ROCK!!!!

*the extra hour of sleep we get tonight

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