Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our not so Happy New Year

Well, this New Years has been not so happy. We are still praying for my mom. She is still in the hospital and looks like she will be there a least 2-3 more days at the least. To be honest she has not changed much. Her eye is healing well and no longer running fever so that is a good sign that the antibiotics are working. However her blood sugar level is still 246 this evening and her blood pressure is also very high. So we are just praying and believing that everything is going to be okay. We did get some good news today that the cultures that are growing so far have not grown any particular bacteria. We still have to find the cause of the infection though. Please keep her in your prayers.

This entire week has been spent in and out of the hospital. My poor boys have been shuffled here and there but they have been so good and are being such sweet angels. I really appreciate all of those who have helped me with them. Thanks Tony and Tammy you ROCK! You will never know how much it means for you to change work schedules and other plans to help us out this week. Thanks for keeping Eli over night too! Brandi, girl you were my life saver! You are the best!!!! Bleeze had a blast playing with Anna. Mary, thanks for changing New Years plans and dinner plans the past two days to help me out. I love and appreciate you all very much!

Today I did take the boys to visit with mom for just a few minutes. Bleeze was kinda freaked out a bit but he adjusted in a few minutes. She looks really bad and her eye is to be honest just horrible! Eli cried when we left and it was just draining for both of them I think. They did ask to go back though... that is a positive. This afternoon and early evening Mary watched the boys and Tommy and I went to let my Dad come home for a bit. He has refused to leave her side. He also refuses to sleep away from her too! We left at 7:30 and they both were going to bed. So hopefully they will both get some much needed rest tonight.

I took most of our Christmas decorations down tonight. Just got to pack it all up and get the outside in the morning. Tommy and I are trying to work out a schedule so that we can be there for my mom and have the boys taken care of also.

So for now, I am going to go rest. I am SUPER tired. Hope everyone is good and has had a Happy New Years Day!

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Brandi said...

let me know if i need to keep them! Anna had so much fun! ;0)