Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Past couple of days...w/ some gratitude...

The past couple of days have been good. I can really tell that is a full moon. The boys are wired and neither have been sleeping well. This always happens during the full moon. I sometimes do not even have to look to see if it is full, I can just tell. They are hyper, whiny, and restless. I used to see the same behaviors from kids when I did the after school program at The Zone also. Crazy but true.

Sunday we slept late. That is the good thing about attending Saturday evening service. Then we had lunch at Firehouse Subs ( I actually really liked it. I normally am not a big sub fan) Then we all went to Walmart. This is NOT my favorite thing to do as a family. LOL! Between the boys asking for things, getting tired, and Tommy reading and measuring everything in order to find the BEST deals. It takes forever to get in and out of there. I was ready to scream by the time we got out of there.

Sunday night we just hung out here at home. Tommy went to he gym and I played with the boys. We had a nice time. Saturday night I had a ton on my mind and could not sleep so I got up and wrote the longest blog known to man (just joking) but hey, it very well could be. LOL! A HUGE thanks to all of you who took the time to read it. I really appreciate you reading my small novel. hehe...no, reading my heart. I know there were tons of grammar and wording errors but it was the middle of the night. I felt like the energizer bunny. I just kept going, and going, and going. I really appreciated all the words of encouragement and comments!

So Sunday night I stayed up really hanging out with the hubby and then I got that sick icky feeling that you get when you haven't had sleep. So, I took a Unisom at 1am. It worked like a charm. I slept through the alarm, phone calls and everything. The boys and I slept until 10:40. I don't think I have slept that late in about 3 years since Tommy and I were in Vegas. Other than the time in Vegas I was teenager. LOL! Thank God I homeschool. So, my sleeping in really screwed with our day. We were all of schedule (not a good thing for me). I had to homeschool afternoon. That's okay though, we got it done and that is all that counts. I made my three sweet guys a chicken casserole and then I headed out to dinner with Candy. I was so glad she wanted to get together. We had an awesome time, conversation, at Panera. But the highlight was our wonderful experience at the Waffle House (AWFUL WAFFLE) LOL!!!! We had coffee and pie w/ more great conversation. I have missed her SO much. I am glad that God restores and makes things new. We had hit a rough spot but like she said, it only makes us stronger. Thank God those days are behind us and the future is ahead of us. Remember we are always "sisters at heart" hehe..... Love you Candy! I promise I will be there at the nursing home and Bilo. We will buy all or favorite together. LOL! (However, I thought today,I hope you are with me when I am on my death bed because I don't want to ever have to experience loosing you again) I love you!!!

Okay... moving on, Today has been very productive. Took some time to check out some cakes for chicaffair. I just love mine and Brandi's morning chats! So much fun! I think we looked at a zillion cakes over the phone this morning. Can't wait for this weekend girlie!!! Check out our updated web site www.chicaffair.net. Brandi did an awesome job! We will be out at Switcharoos next month. Come check us out!!!

We homeschooled, I cleaned the house, managed to make an awesome chicken chili recipe that BOTH my boys loved. MIRACLE!!!! Both of them ate 2 bowls each. I was amazed! The after baths it was American Idol time. I got a good workout in during that and then got the boys settled in bed. I had to eat a snack tonight. I have been doing so good but I have a migraine coming on. I can feel it. My vision was blurry earlier today (that's the way it always starts) The longer the day has gotten the worse it has gotten. I took my meds and now I am going to hit the sack. I have to take my mom to the doctor in the morning. So for now... I am going to show my gratitude and hit the sack before this headache make me sick....nightie, night!

So grateful for...
* Sunday afternoon lunches with my guys (Tommy, Eli, and Bleeze)
(coupon we had too for Firehouse...we all 4 ate for 7.49)

* The groceries we bought...so lucky to be able to buy what we need when when we need it. Despite a crazy trip to Walmart.

* Unisom.....ahhhhhhhhh SLEEP!

* Sleeping late....such a blessing!

* The opportunity to homeschool my children. It is such a blessing to watch them grow!

* friendship/sisterhood....Candy, you know what I'm talking about.

* morning chats with Brandi...she always make me smile!

* my clean house

* the laughter I heard from Eli tonight while watching American Idol
(especially when the guy's nickname/tattoo was "sexual chocolate" or something like that... he was laughing hysterically)

* Pain Relievers........ahhhhhhhhh

* and last but NOT least...God's love and grace for me!

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Brandi said...

American Idol was hysterical last night!!!! call me about your mom's appt! loves!!!