Monday, January 19, 2009

Lazy Days

The past couple of days have been lazy days. Saturday we just stayed around the house. The boys played outside for a bit and I actually got a pretty good workout! Then we went to church Saturday evening. I actually really enjoy Saturday night service. I enjoyed the service as always and really was convicted with entire sermon on wives....(can't wait for next weeks on husbands) LOL! Saturday afternoon I started cooking ribs. They had cooked all day and our house smelled wonderful. (I could still smell them during church)! LOL! After church we came home and enjoyed a yummy dinner. After dinner we watched the movie IRONMAN. I almost did not make it to the end.I was so sleepy!

Yesterday morning Bleeze decided to wake up pretty early. He and I just hung out and played, watched TV, and snuggled. It was fun. Then I decided to check my email. He was playing with his little kitchen set (he plays at it all the time) I was just checking all my pages and I hear him say, "Could you please hand me the extra virginal olive oil" LOL!!!!!! I guess we watch a lot of FoodNetwork around here. LOL! We hung out here around the house all day. Tommy and I had lots of good discussion all day yesterday. Praying and seeking God for what he has for our future. Praying for lots of wisdom and clarity! Last night enjoyed my cake shows on FoodNetwork and Desperate Housewives while working out and then I was off to bed!

Today is Monday and new week. I have a kinda busy week ahead of me. Chicaffair is doing a bridal show at Swoozie's on Wednesday night! Anyone getting married or who wants to just check us out come out to Swoozie's on Wednesday between 6-8pm. Okay, so for now I am off! I have lots of errands to run today and things to do. Hopefully we are going to get some snow in the morning. Hope everyone's week ROCKS!!!

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