Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling Grateful this morning....

Woke up feeling very grateful today....
So grateful for...
* God he is my Rock!
* My home nice and warm on this cold day.
* My wonderful husband that works so hard to provide for our family.
* My two boys....the light up my life.
* Food-So glad we have it-there are many that do not.
* My van-that even though it acted really crazy and the doors would not unlock last night (and the van was running).
*God's protection-Even though my van was locked, running, and made me extremely late for Chic Affairs event. I agree with Tommy, just maybe God was protecting me from something bad on the way! You never know!
* For Brandi for being so understanding last night when I was so late!
*Warm Soup last night w/ Brandi.
* That my favorite show LOST is back on! YAHOO!!!!
*That Bleeze sleep good last night!
* The beautiful sunshine that is shining today!
* My warm cup of coffee I just finished drinking!
* The opportunity/privilege to homeschool my sweet boys!

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