Saturday, January 10, 2009

getting back into the blogging routine & showing my gratitude

So, I am really trying to get back into my routine of blogging as well as showing my gratitude. So here is to new beginnings.....

Today has been good. We slept in this morning and then I made muffins for the boys. I was so tempted to eat one but I resisted temptation. THANK GOD! I got a good work out in this afternoon too. Bleeze and I made homemade pizza for lunch today. They love it! ( I also resisted that) GO ME! The boys played outside a bit and then we got ready and went to church tonight. It was awesome as always and then we went out to dinner tonight.

Now, I am chillin like a villain...LOL waiting on Tommy to get home from the gym. I have some funnies to share about Bleeze. He has been such a hoot this week. He is into literally everything! He has a HUGE imagination and he always making up stories and talking to imaginary friends. He makes us laugh all the time. Here is just a few of his funnies from this week.....

* I got in the shower one day this week and he comes into the bathroom and says. "I have Daddy's wallet" I told him to put it away and do not touch it again. So several hours later he comes to me and says "I hid Daddy's money" I said, "What?" He said "I hid Daddy's money from his wallet" I tell him to take me to it. He has stuffed it into a gift box and put it under his baseball bean bag. Oh LORD!!!! He always tells on himself which I guess is a good thing! LOL!

*He has really been concerned about my mom and the fact that she has been so sick. So every night he has been praying that God would touch her "eyebetes" (diabetes) LOL!!! He is so confused because her eye is infected.

* He is praying this week at bedtime and this is his prayer. "God touch Eli help him not to be a brat" He turns and looks at Eli and says, "because you are a brat sometimes Eli" continues praying for family, friends, etc. LOL!!!

* He always asked for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. I don't buy it for them because number one they do not need the sugar and number two I did give in and buy it one other time and they did not eat it. So he ask all the time. This morning the commercial comes on and Bleeze looks at me and I kid you not, this is exactly what he says. " My other family I lived with before I lived with you bought me Cinnamon Toast Crunch and I loved it" I said, "Oh really, the other family you lived with?" He said, "Yes the other family I lived with when I was a little boy" I said, "What is there names and what are you now, are you not a little boy?" He said, "I can't remember their, I am a pre-teen now (that is what Eli says all the time).....Oh....yes I remember... one's is smiley...they are twins there...smiley and smiley" WHAT???? Where does he get this stuff from??????

* He also informed me today that he has two sisters. One named Amy and one named Emily. Amy lives in a green house and Emily lives in a condo house (that it is what he called our condo at the beach ( a condo house). LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

* So today I made homemade pizza with him. He was such a hoot! He loved every minute of it. When were stretching out the dough he said."Mommy, we are chef's" I said "yes we are" he said "we can be on Food Network" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay... I will stop with the Bleeze stories now. Eli is doing awesome too. Just be a "pre-teen" bahahahaha! (So he thinks) Lord have mercy on me!

Going to show my gratitude and say good night.

*Grateful for lazy Saturday mornings.
* Grateful for my funny Bleeze and pre-teen Eli.
* Grateful for my sweet hubby that has been showering me with kisses lately. (I know you all wanted to know that) LOL!
* Grateful for my church and what God reveals to me each week!
* Fun family time and dinner together.
* warm feet are freezing tonight...


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