Friday, January 16, 2009


I am so thankful that today is Friday. We have had a couple of good days. We have spent them mostly homeschooling and playing. I have been doing some work on several projects I have going right now.

I have a couple of Bleeze funnies to share again tonight. Wednesday night after dinner Bleeze asked could we have fish on Thursday night. He loves baked Tilapia. I told that we would because we actually had some. He said, "Oh good, I love fish, it is so yummy, it has chicken in it" LOL! Today we went and hung out with Candy and her kiddos. Bleeze was so excited to see Gracie and Hannah. Really both boys were. Eli was up and started on his school work at like 7am. LOL! Before we left, Bleeze said, "Oh Mommy, do you think Gracie still has her "wose petal college" (rose petal cottage)" I assured him that I thought she still did. He was so excited to play in it. Tonight he was playing (as always) he talks non-stop with imaginary friends or real friends who are not really there. He turned and looked into thin air and said, "Gracie, you are my bery best fwiend, I love playing in your wose petal college" Then he looked to the other side, and said "Anna, you are my bery best fwiend, I love playing your wose petal college and play house" LOL!!!! He was playing with both of his buddies and they were not even there!

Today I had fun hanging out with Candy. It was like the good old days! Then tonight we stayed home. It is too cold to do anything. I made goulash for dinner, the boys played Wii while I worked out, and they actually both went to bed pretty early. I spent some of the night listing on ebay. (my junk is another person's treasure).

So here is an update and now I am off to catch some zzzz's. Going to go work on a cake in the morning with Brandi. I am really hoping Jon is feeling better! Poor guy, he's been sick all week.

So for now....happy weekend everyone!

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