Friday, January 2, 2009

ahhh.... a little back to normal around here...

Today has finally seemed more back to normal. THANK GOD! My mom was discharged from the hospital today. That is AWESOME! She is not well but they can treat her remaining issues from home so at least she is not in the hospital anymore. This week has been so draining for all of us. Continue to pray for her. To be honest, my brother and I both felt that she should stay a few more days. She has not had pain meds since last night so that is awesome!!! I just talked with her on the phone and she said she felt a little better. Not awesome, but a little better. Just pray she can control the diabetes and be serious about the diet.It is going to be a real struggle for her. She is a picky eater and she LOVES sweets and Pepsi. She can have neither now. UGGHH! I think we have a long road ahead of us but I believe with support from family, friends and God almighty she will make it! Other than the diabetes being controlled I am concerned with her vision. I am praying it returns in that left eye with no damage.

Today has been a little more normal. I did manage to get all the Christmas decorations taken down and put away. Tommy and I hung out this afternoon and had some of our "deep" theological discussions. I love those with him. He is awesome! I cooked dinner tonight and even made the boys brownies. Eli and I played Guitar Hero for awhile. He smokes me! LOL! Then I played with Bleeze on his "cool school" computer. He is funny. He always knows how to make me smile. He kept saying, "I have to enter my "user id" LOL!!!!! Hopefully tomorrow we will get back into our schedule and I can start working out again in the morning.

So that is the latest in my life. I am going to go watch a movie with Tommy and then catch some zzz's. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

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