Friday, January 2, 2009

Got to be grateful

Okay, I have been totally slack in blogging my gratitude. Not that I haven't been grateful just been so swamped and so much going on physically and mentally. Even though I haven't posted my gratitude I have thought about all I am grateful for everyday. THANKS ELLE! You always make me think! You are an angel! I know I will leave some things out, there is SO much for me to be grateful for I can't list it all!

* A wonderful Christmas.

* The many "material" things we were given that we are so undeserving of but yet so blessed to have.

* My wonderful husband. He never stops amazing me. I know some people don't get him, but I totally do and he is wonderful! I appreciate his passion, drive, desires, and his ability to make me see life and God in such an awesome way. He is amazing.

* My two wonderful boys. They are my world. I love them more than the next breath! They are precious and I am so blessed to have been given the opportunity to be there mom.

* Seeing my brother, sisterinlaw, and niece. Makenzie is so precious.
In my previous blog I did not thank Jessica for watching Bleeze that evening. He loved spending time with you! He adores you! Thanks for keeping him for me!

* All our wonderful friends and family that have been so concerned and supportive of our family during our mom's illness!

* God- He is amazing! I am so thankful for his peace that he gives me each and everyday. For being a prayer answering God. For helping me through the toughest times in life. The super-natural faith and peace that only He can give. He is my ROCK and he ROCKS my world everyday!

* The fact that my mom is somewhat better. She could be worse or even dead but because of God and his healing power and grace she is alive. I believe he is going to completely restore her!

I could go on and on but I had to share just a few. Lots of love to all of you good night!

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