Saturday, January 10, 2009

I have been such a slacker....

I have been such a slacker the past week about blogging. I did blog the one update on my mom but that was it! I have been preoccupied with all kinds of things this week. I seem to have a lot of nothing going on. If that sentence makes any sense at all.

UPDATE on my mom....
She went back to the doctor on Friday. Her eye was the same but they decided NOT to do surgery yet. THANK GOD! They thought they could see some type of fungus growing in her eye so they gave her an anti-fungal medication and she has to go back on Monday. She called this morning was AWESOME news her blood sugar was 104! Praise God! She did take a walk yesterday and went out to lunch with my Dad after her doctor's appointment. So I am so thankful for that. God is good and he taking care of her and working in her favor.

Let's see, this week has been kinda crazy. Since my last blog we had a great dinner with Tim and Kim. That was fun! I am glad you guys visited Grace with us! I have been homeschooling and getting back in the groove of that. Eli seems to be glad to be back schooling. My kids are cursed with their obsessive compulsive mother and they are picking up some of my habits.Scheduling for example. They love having a schedule and being structured. Last Sunday Eli made the comment that he was ready to get back to a schedule. LOL!

Business is always a little slow in January,especially this particular week ,because people are recovering from the holidays. Tommy has been home a lot more so that has been nice. We have had fun all of us together. The Wii games and Guitar Hero make for some fun family time (and competition) LOL!

I was so glad to be back at Bible study this week. I missed those ladies and the fellowship we have. I look forward to the weeks to come and growing more in Christ.

I have so much going on in my head right now. So many blogs brewing!! LOL! I have every area of my life brewing a particular blog . I have been tired from just thinking so much. LOL!

I will say this, I am sick and tired of the media harping on the economy. Sometimes I think the downfall of the economy is being media driven. If people would stop pushing the issue and forcing everyone to have a negative attitude towards the economy things could possibly improve. A lot of the issues stem from speculation and I for one am sick of it! Okay... off that soap box (for now)!

The past 6 months Tommy and I have really been paying more attention to our diets and exercise. I am always looking for low-fat/fat free/low calorie recipes. I have found a lot that have actually been pretty tasty. So, last night I decided to try a new one. I for one hate meatloaf. I really don't like it normally. I can eat it but I have to choke it down most of the time. So last night I decided to make a low fat turkey meatloaf. It smelled okay and the outside looked okay. BUT OMG! It was horrible. I referred to it as puke on a plate. It was terrible. I did not even make the boys taste it. Actually, Eli did, he tried to be nice.LOL! So I apologized a thousand times to my family. It was horrid.

Well, I guess this is enough for now. I am going to run spend some time with my two precious boys. Tommy should be home from working in a bit. I think we are going to attend Saturday service at church again this week. I hope everyone has a great day and weekend.

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