Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Update on my Mom

I have so many people asking about my mom I thought I would do a blog update. She went to the family doctor yesterday. They gave her a higher dose of insulin for the diabetes because her sugar is not coming down like they had planned. Her blood pressure is still elevated so they are still checking into all of that. She has to go back in a few weeks for follow up on both of those cases.

She went back to the eye doctor today. The retina specialist seem to be afraid that her eye is actually worse than earlier in the week. She has to go back on Friday. If her eye is the same or worse they are going to do another surgery. This will be to clean out infection again and clean out the lens of her eye. Needless to say she is NOT happy about this. We are praying and believing that she will not have to have another surgery. However, if God sees fit for her to have the surgery in order to heal properly we know that He is in control and is working in her favor. She still has not regained eyesight in that eye.

She sees the infectious disease doctor next week and we should hopefully find out more about the origination of the infection.

Again, a HUGE thanks to everyone for your prayers, notes, and other forms of concern. We love you all and are so thankful to have you in our lives. I will continue to keep you informed of her progress. Please continue to pray for her!

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