Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Update on my mom

So we are still a little stressed. Really we have no confirmed answers as to what exactly is causing all of the infection in her body. She is very sick. She did have the surgery on her eye and today the doctors removed the patch and they were very pleased with the way the eye looked today. That was the best thing. She has been sick to her stomach today and had to have medicine for that. She is loaded down with antibiotics, pain killers, blood pressure meds, I don't even know what else to be honest. Her sugar was up to 309 when I left at 10pm tonight. So it is the highest it has been. She has ran a lower grade fever today but nevertheless still running fever. Hopefully tomorrow we will hear from the infectious disease doctor with where the infection is originating from. We know it is in the bladder, kidney and eye. They did a heart ultra sound today to rule out a heart infection also. We still haven't heard the results from that. Please continue to pray for her. Today she made the statement with a pastor came by to pray with her that her faith is not wavering. I believe that and I know that God is her healer and I believing for that. I am trusting that all things are working for her good.

Also pray form my brother, sisterinlaw and niece as they will be traveling back to Houston in the morning. Thanks again for all the love, notes, text, messages, and calls. Much love to you all and Happy New Year!

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