Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Weekend....

I am sitting here trying to warm up. It is so cold today. This weekend has been pretty good. We have been busy as usual. Friday night we went to the Ward's holiday cocktail party. So much fun! I had a blast! Everything was so nice. Brandi you rock a party girl!

Having Fun at the Ward's (Jon might be having too much fun....LOL! )
Saturday I woke up earlier than I would have liked. I picked the boys up from my parents. They were so sweet to keep them considering the last time when I had to pick Bleeze up at 1am. They did okay. Bleeze did not sleep well but they did good. Got them and we took a load of items to Goodwill. Then we met Candy and her kiddos for lunch. It was fun. The kids had fun! Candy I stole your picture! Eli was so happy to be with "his" Hannah as he told my Mom and Dad. LOL!

Last night we went to the Greenville Christmas Parade with the Wards. We had so much fun. We had dinner and fought the crowd. The kids enjoyed the parade from Jon, Tommy, and Brandi's shoulders. I did not see much of the parade but had fun talking with Brandi. It was cold and it made it all the more festive. After the parade we took the boys to Mast General Store for a candy run. They just love it. Then we headed home. My nose and feet were frozen.
This morning was church of course! I enjoyed the sermon so much. Bleeze made a potato baby in class this morning. (It is supposed to be the baby Jesus wrapped in swaddling clothes) They had a blanket for the baby potato and everything. The teacher informed me when I picked Bleeze up that Bleeze did not want to wrap his baby in swaddling clothes because it was too warm in the classroom. LOL!!!!!!!

After church we enjoyed lunch with my parents. Yummy as always! Now we are home, I am about to wrap some Christmas gifts, Tommy is adding some finishing touches to our outside decorations, Eli is playing in the freezing weather, and Bleeze is down for a nap. So I am having a simply awesome weekend. I think Papa and Nana may come over a bit later. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

This weeks starts the chaos for us. Eli starts drama camp in the morning for the next two weeks. So between that, the play, tennis, and planning his birthday party this weekend we are going to be swamped. I leave you with my sweet Bleeze...,,,,

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