Sunday, December 21, 2008


Well, we survived the play this year. Eli did an fantastic job. He is so precious. He loves everyone at The Academy of Arts so very much! He is going to miss them now that the play is over. He said to me last night that he could cry! Bless his heart. He did a wonderful job and had lots of fun and I know many hearts were touched by this sweet story. Big thanks to all our family who came out and supported him again this year. You will never know how much it means to him. Especially big thanks to Mama Joan who came out despite having been sick with the stupid stomach bug! He played an orphan in London and then he was also a common person and a captured child in some of the Bible scenes. The play is really good about some orphans who wish on a "silent star" to go back to Bethlehem to the day Jesus was born. So for now we are going to go and have Christmas with Nana and Papa. Still rebuking the puke from our house. Praying everyone stays healthy and everyone keeps clean hands and uses Lysol! LOL! So for now, I am off for some holiday fun! Christmas updates to come!

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