Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Notes for the day

I have been busy this week of course. We have been having to get up earlier than usual to have Eli at the theater for his drama camp. He is loving it! He can't wait until each day to get to go. Bleeze and I have been hanging out we have been running errands. Bleeze misses Eli something terrible while is there. He ask, "Can we go get Bub now?" So sweet!

Today was nice. Tommy was able to hang around this morning and so he rode with me to Gaffney to the outlets to take back some pants that my mom bought Eli for his Christmas outfit that were to big. Sadly, they had no more pants so we are having to have them altered. It was fun for us though. We had brunch at Cracker Barrel. I will admit it was very strange being three of us. We missed Eli!

The afternoons have been good. We have been homeschooling and Eli has had tennis. The weather has been yucky today. It is going to be raining more tomorrow.

The rest of this week my focus will be Eli's birthday party. Got cakes to make, party favors, errands to run, etc. He is really excited. I still can't believe he is going to be 10 years old! I do think we will make some Christmas cookies tomorrow and I have promised Tommy some fudge! So for now, I am going to show some gratitude and hit the sack! I am tired!

So grateful for....
* My boys and husband!

* Fun times with my hubby and Bleeze this morning.

* Eli's love for the theater and the people there.

* My BBQ I made for dinner that turned out! YAY!

* Our sweet dog Oreo that has decided that his perfect sleeping spot is right up under our Christmas tree. (I keep trying to sneak a picture but he always jumps up whenever he hears me LOL)

* God for giving me wisdom when I ask and sending just the right people and scripture into my life right when I need them. HE ROCKS ALWAYS!

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