Friday, December 19, 2008

Little catch up...

I decided I better catch up real quick. I have been super busy this week. Eli is in the play and I have been running like a mad woman. I have been rebuking the puke all week. So many peeps had that horrid stomach bug. UGGGHHHH. Anyone who knows me know that I HATE HATE HATE that stuff.
I really had fun Tuesday night at Brandi's cookie swap. Such yummy cookies! It really didn't help a girl on a diet. LOL!

This week I have spent a ton of time with Bleeze. He has been so sweet. He has missed Eli a ton. He asked every few minutes when is it time to pick him up. I have missed him too. It has been strange without him here.

Eli will have put in close to 60 hours by the time this week is over. He is so tired. I am really proud of him and I can't wait for opening night tonight. I will post pics sometime this weekend. Tonight Tommy, my Mother-In-law Mary and myself are going. Tomorrow I am taking Bleeze to the matinee with Brandi and Anna and then tomorrow evening we are going w/ my parents and Tommy's dad , Tammy, and Lexi. I may keep Bleeze home tomorrow night because I think he may only want to go once. I got to wait and see!

So for now I am going to show some gratitude. Been a little slack in that area lately. Not that I haven't been grateful in my heart...just not in my blog. LOL! So here it goes!!!!

* Jesus, without him we would not have this time of year.

* For loving God. Who hears and answers my prayers and loves me no matter how fallen I am.

* good health (for me and my family)

* good cookies and fun with the gals at the swap

* my sweet Eli's awesome passion for this play. He is precious.

* sweet lunches this week with Bleeze. He has made me smile so much. Especially the day we had Shrek soup. He would scream after each bite and just die laughing. LOL!

* weight loss despite the holidays!

* that I am going to get to see Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie in just a few months old ( but please leave your nasty colds and strep throat in Texas) LOL!

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