Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Merry, Merry Christmas......

Oh my! We did have a Merry, Merry Christmas. Where do I start? I guess the best place to start is the place I left off in our Merry Christmas story. Thank God we all managed to avoid the puking thing! Sunday, We went to Papa and Nana's (Tammy and Tony's) to celebrate with them. Everything was nice. Thanks Tammy for a yummy dinner. The chocolate dessert was awesome! The boys loved their gifts. Eli was super pumped about his new "sit down" electric scooter. Bleeze was tickled pink about his "bike thingy" Learn N Trike. They had a blast! I hope Lexi likes her game for her Wii! She is such a sweetie. I have enjoyed her text message the past week. She has made my day and made me smile a ton! Monday was great! I finally got to see my sweet niece Makenzie. We enjoyed lunch with my brother and Jessica and some of their friends in Spartanburg. Tried to do some shopping but it was crazy at the mall. Monday night, Tommy and I went and finished up our shopping. FINALLY! Eli changed his mind a thousand times about what he wanted. I was happy with his final decision!
Tuesday morning the boys spent some time with Uncle Eric and Aunt Jessica, and Makenzie while I ran a couple of errands. Then the boys and I ran to the mall to try to get a picture with Santa. There was a 3 hour wait! HOLY SHAMOLY! After 20 minutes in line... Bleeze had enough! So, we got a tip that Santa was going to be at our local chickfila that evening. So, we decided to that instead (it was actually the same Santa that Bleeze did the portraits with for the boutique ad, so that was PERFECT) When Tommy got home we went to Chickfila, saw Santa snapped a picture ( Eli was so humiliated) LOL! Then we went to see the Christmas lights. We waited an hour to get in Roper Mountain. It was well worth it. Bleeze LOVED IT! Then we drove to Mauldin to a house that ROCKS! These people pull out all the stops. They have been on the news and everything. You get to walk through their back yard and they give out popcorn and hot chocolate. Santa was there too! It was SO COLD! Bleeze lips got horrible chapped! I think he did not mind. He was amazed by the lights and all the blow ups. I think they are doing it all this coming week too so we may go again before New Years!
Christmas Eve came early here. Bleeze up and excited. We made a birthday cake for Jesus, cookies, and coconut macaroons. That evening we headed to my parents for Christmas. The meal was wonderful as always. I our annual steak and shrimp ROCKED! I ate way too much and even ate a piece of Italian Cream cake...ahhhh. Then it was time to open gifts. I have to say that my sweet niece Makenzie was hilarious. She is precious! She loved ripping the paper of each package. She finally go tired. She loved this cute stuffed bunny that my parents gave her. She would just squeeze it so cute. I have her her first Cabbage Patch doll. She will grow into it! LOL! The highlight of the night was seeing my boys faces when they opened their Wii. They loved it! The picture says it all!

Christmas Eve was a late one for Tommy and I. We did not finish taking care of Santa until 3am! That train table was a booger to get together! Tommy worked and I wrapped. We did it as a team! I felt kinda proud when we were all done. We had fun!

Christmas morning started at 8am. Eli was up and ready to go. Bleeze was groggy he did not sleep good all night on Christmas Eve. He was restless and whiny. I think a combination of too much sugar, long nights, and excitement had done him in. The boys loved their Christmas! Eli loved his new bike, his Guitar Hero and all the other "surprises" and Bleeze LOVED his train and train table. He also was very excited for some reason about his Lighting McQueen bedroom slippers. LOL!! (out of all the many toys,he was pumped about those). After opening gifts we had a yummy breakfast that my mom and dad help make and then Nanny Mary came over. The boys were excited to see her and open all their gifts from her. She hung out with the boys and we had fun. It was warm and we even went outside and played for a bit. The boys loved it!
My poor mom has been sick all through Christmas. She went home Christmas Day and slept the entire day. Christmas night I cooked some baked spaghetti, we read the Christmas story from the book of Luke, sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It was awesome. Bleeze was so sweet. He listened to me read the story and he was precious singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Yesterday we went to Indigo Joe's for lunch and did some shopping. Then we came home and played the Wii. I think we are all addicts. Tommy and Eli are addicted to Guitar Hero.

So that's about it...our Merry, Merry Christmas. Today I think I may make an attempt to make a few returns and then tomorrow we will spend a little more time with my brother and his family as they come back through headed back to Texas.
I know this blog was long, I just wanted to get it all in here. LOL! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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