Tuesday, December 2, 2008

yesterday and today...LOL!

Yesterday I spent most of the day homeschooling and cleaning. I finished up cleaning just in time to cook dinner. After dinner I went to buy groceries ALONE! I love it when I get to do that. I just walked through Walmart and listened to the Christmas music. Who knew Walmart could be so relaxing. LOL! After I came home I added the finishing touches to our indoor decorations I still have to finish the outside. The wind and cold has been horrible. My poor porch decorations have fallen over a thousand times.

Today we homeschooled, went for a walk in the cold...burr...I have some cute pics to post. I will do that later. Our neighbor across the street had a tree fall a couple of weeks ago. The city came to clean it up today. The boys were AMAZED! We sat and watched the big truck pick up the branches. I also cleaned out a closet and organized all of our videos. I did not realize how many we had. I made a roast today. It was really good. After dinner I headed out to a funeral visitation. My long time youth camp friend Tricia Davis Weston's dad died yesterday. I went to pay my respects and then came home to get these wild boys in bed. They watched Santa Claus is coming to town. So that has been my past two days. We are going to have date night tomorrow night the boys are excited. Going to show my gratitude and get some sleep....my list is still a mile long of things that must be done around here.

So grateful for.....
* a clean house

*night shopping at Walmart ALONE.

* walks with my boys... so much fun...they make me smile

* crock pot cooking...(saves time)

* my cozy house, it is warm on this freezing cold night.

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