Saturday, April 21, 2007

what a day....

I am soooo tired right now... all I can think about is how tired my bestest buddy Candy must be today though. She did not sleep a wink last night worrying about her sweet girl Gracie. Candy was so pitiful last night worrying about her. CANDY- Thanks for having me and the kiddos over and especially thanks for going to celebrate my Dad's birthday! Go DAD the BIG 56!!! He told you he was happy to eat with a celebrity. LOL!!!

Well today had been crazy as ever... started out with Eli's soccer game. GO VIPERS! They won 6-0!! Then his little end of the year picnic.... He loves his new trophy and shirt! Then off to Inman to Ridge Pointe to help do some cleaning. I didn't feel like I was too much help b/c I had to go to Grace to teach a class. I love those kiddos. In between was dropping kids off and running errands.

Tonight we had dinner at one of my favorites Macaroni Grill with some old friends. It was AWESOME to catch up with Dana & Shannon. Some things never end... like old friendships and Shannon Wham's funny sayings! I love him!!!!

Now I am home, Bleeze is awake b/c my parents had him tonight and he slept from 5:30 -10:30... I may not get to sleep for awhile. Eli was beat. He walked in his sleep up stairs. He had sooo much fun today with Hannah!

Well, tomorrow is church YEAH!!!! I can't wait RIDGE POINTE ROCKS! I can't wait to see how it goes in the morning. It is going to be totally awesome and I just know it! Gotta go do some dishes and laundry now and get last minute things ready for church!!!

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