Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cleaning, Cleaning, and more cleaning

Today was my weekly cleaning a day late! I am worn out!!!! I cleaned this house from top to bottom. Now, I am just sitting in the backyard with the boys watching them play and dance.

After a day of cleaning I went to the grocery store and we went to the Got Milk? campaign. The boys got free cartons of milk, milkshakes and their picture made to look like they were standing with Cheryl Crow with milk mustaches....LOL!

I needed to go to Earth Fare so we had dinner at a yummy new little place called Walter's Country Cooking....Country Cooking is what is was and the country girl in me loved it!!!

Now we are home and the boys are getting grouchy and whiney and I just want to go plop in the recliner and watch American Idol and LOST!

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