Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Day

Today is a brand new day! I will try to make sure that I am not to burden down with all that is going on around me to be nice to my boys. Yesterday they were horrible. I mean today will be a better day!!!!!
Let's see lessons learned in the last 24 hours.... PMS is horrible and cranky children along with PMS is even worse!!!!! LOL!
Last night I did not even touch the computer. This is a miracle to most. I watched Survivor and then Candy called. We laughed and talked. She doens't know it but she made my mood soooo much better. Thanks girl!
Then I spent a hour hanging up clothes. I HATE LAUNDRY. After watching Grey Anatomy which was very very very good last night!!! I snuggled with Eli until he fell asleep. Then I fell asleep which was nice.
This morning I awoke to Bleeze hitting me in the face with his sippy cup and screaming "more apple juice please" He is so funny! Eli has taught him to do "peace out" we have laughed our heads off this week at him doing it. He is my little "gansta"
Well as I start the rest of my day off I pray God's blessings on my life and all those I love. I have a deep sense of excitement about Ridge Pointe Church today. I have it everyday but this morning I woke up even more excited. I plan to go over there today and clean some! Got errands to run and things to do here at the house. Don't forget HOMESCHOOL! So off I go........

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