Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Monday is over.....

Monday is over Praise God.... Another Monday has come and is almost gone... Thank the LORD!!! I've been kinda tired today. Did LOTS of laundry from the weekend. Managed to do a little straighting to the house. Tomorrow is the big clean day.. YUCK!!We had a great lunch today. Tommy was home and I made sandwhiches and we ate outside. The boys loved it. GREAT FAMILY TIME!!!! It was a beautiful day today. However, I think that is going to end tomorrow. BOO HOO!!!!!After homeschool I helped pass out flyers for our neighborhood yard sale this weekend. Hope I make us some cash!!!!Tonight Tommy was helping Shane at the church so I joined Candy for a walk. Gotta get in shape....after our walk.. we hit McDonald's LOL!!! We got Salad though!! (Ate fries with the salad LOL) then we let the kids play. Nice, nice time. I love her friendship! She is awesome. She will never know!!!!Right now... to be honest I feel like I 've been hit by a truck! I am sooo tired. I think it is from some medicine I took a little bit ago though. Tommy is still helping Shane. I am SO proud of Tommy. He is so excited about our ROCKIN church RIDGE POINTE! God is doing something in the words of Candy, "FREAKIN AWESOME" in Tommy's life. I've never been prouder of him than I have been in the past two months.I think I am going to go to bed now or at least go snuggle with my Eli. I been kinda rough on him this afternoon. He has had a sassy mouth. I know it is a stage.. but I hope this stage goes away fast! I know, I know... I haven't seen nothing yet..... GRACE! GRACE! GOOD NIGHT ALL!

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