Monday, April 30, 2007

My Weekend....

Today will have to be a day of recovery..... we have had a lonnnnggg weekend. Where do I begin, Friday night Candy and I decided to surprise our two hard working men and go to the church without children and meet them for supper. We been missing our men!!!!

Saturday OH MY LORD!!! 5:30 am came early after going to bed at 2:30 but we had a yard sale. It was fun! Candy and Mom came over to sale too...lots of interesting people yard sale! We made some cash and now we will get that sound booth built at the church. YEAH!!
After the yard sale it was off the the bowling alley for a birthday party. Eli had a blast. It was good to see old friends.
Then we were back home to get ready to get ready for a wedding. THANKS MARY for watching the kids! Candy thanks for being my date too. Our hubbies were still working hard.....(the church looks AWESOME!!!!!) The wedding was sweet and the reception nice. We had a good time with those little cameras they leave on each table for special memories. They will have lots of funny memories from our camera!!! We had fun shaking our booty with Tiffany too. She looked pretty despite the tear stained face from seeing little bro get married!

Sunday was good! Church was awesome. Little Hara was back and that made my week. We had fun in there once again!!! The cafe is beautiful and the new couch, comfy... just ask Candy. She was catching some zzzzz's on it after church. Lunch was great with our new friends Amanda and Danny. YUMMY, YUMMY food. Their new house is beautiful! Last night was fun too... Thanks for coming over Stones and Whams! We had fun. Love you all! After the company left cleaned up and crashed.. Bleeze actually slept until 4:30 without getting up! PRAISE GOD!!!

Today marks a new week and I am excited to see what God is going to do this week. I know that we are going to be blessed beyone measure and He has big things ahead for us. Now I am off to my job of being a mommy this morning.

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