Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My First Blog

Well, here I am trying to join the rest of the world in this whole blogging world. I have to admit. I have decided to blog b/c I've been reading a lot of other people's blogs lately and I feel like I know this people at such a new personal level. Maybe this will allow me to express my feelings to others in a unique way to let people get to know more about me. Who knows????

About my day..... hummmm let's see??? It was the same old thing. Eli had a dentist appointment and then we took a little trip to the mall. The boys love to eat in the food court. Can you belive they picked Chickfila...... The good thing about the trip to the mall was that I managed to escape buying cookies to add anymore unwanted pounds. I spent a few hours homeschooling Eli this afternoon. I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER!!!!! I had several interesting phone conversations. I was excited to hear that my neighbor Keri is going to church with me Sunday. I managed to do some more contact on myspace for my awesome new church that I am able to be a part of planting RIDGE POINTE CHURCH!!! Check out our
Then we were off to soccer practice. I managed to keep Bleeze entertained the entire time and then it was back home for dinner, AMERICAN IDOL, baths, LOST and DEVOTIONS!!!! THANK GOD SANJA IS OFF AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT MADE MY DAY!

One more thing, my precious friend Candy wrote the most beautiful journal entry on her cafemom sight about her relationship with her girls... it moved me completely... as soon as a I finished I gave my boys a big kiss and hug.... despite all the times they have completely driven me insane today I LOVE THEM COMPLETELY!!!!!

I also love my worn out husband who is now snoring away on the couch. He has been helping Shane at the church and I can tell he needs some sleep!!! That is where I am going soon too......

Well there it was... my first blog... hope I get some readers and I will try not to bore you all to death!!!!

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Candystn28 said...

Very Good blog...i love it.....;)